TV Special Betting: Drag Race Ep 3, June Jambalaya Odds On to Sashay Away

June and Maddy are the favourites to be eliminated by the panel in episode 3
June and Maddy are the favourites to be eliminated by the panel in episode 3
  • June Jambalaya is 2/5 favourite to be shown the door by MamaRu
  • Maddy Morphosis outed in Ep.2 and now 2nd favourite to go
  • Maddy is favourite to Win Lip Sync though
  • Angeria Paris Van Michaels now 3/1 favourite to win the series.

RuPaul's Drag Race is two episodes in, all the girls have been introduced, Maddy has been revealed as straight and Daya has gone - It's a race alright, things happen at a pace on this show.

This week we will lose another contestant, and according to the betting sites odds, Whilst Maddy has proven to be the Lip Sync queen and is taken to win the battle, she is also predicted to be in the bottom two with June Jambalaya, who is odds on to exit.

Beyond that things look pretty safe for Kerri, Jorgeous and DeJa who escaped elimination in Episode two when Daya was sent packing.

RuPaul Drag Race Episode 3 Elimination Betting

Who will leave the show in episode 3?

Contestant Odds Probability
June Jambalaya 2/5 71.43%
Maddy Morphosis 9/1 10%
Kerri Colby 20/1 4.76%
Jorgeous 40/1 2.44%
DeJa Skye 40/1 2.44%

Maddy has been revealed as straight to the other contestants but is also second favourite to be eliminated this week behind short priced favourite June jambalaya. Maddy could still win the Lip Sync thought to save herself.

Steve Madgwick - Entertainment Betting Specialist -

Who Will Season 14 be Won By?

Before the first show was aired, Daya Betty was the second favourite to win the entire show with betting sites going 5/1 for her chance, which nothing can be taken for granted in this show.

After 2 shows we have the updated betting odds based on odds available and various polls around the world on season 14 potential outcomes.

Former pre-show favourite Bosco has dropped from 7/2 to win, to 9/2 now whilst Angeria and Willow have gone to the head of the market.

Bosco has been replaced at the head of the betting as show winner favorite by Angeria, and it would seem betting sites are also seeing some support for Willow Pill as they head the winners market.

Steve Madgwick - Entertainment Betting Specialist -

RuPauls Drag Race 14 Season Winner Betting Odds.

Who will walk away queen of the drag race this season?

Contestant Odds Probability
Angeria Paris VanMicheals 3/1 25.0%
Willow Pill 4/1 20.0%
Bosco 9/2 18.18%
Kornbread 'The Snack' Jete 9/2 6.25%
Lady Camden 15/1 18.18%
Kerri Colby 50/1 1.96%
Jorgeous 50/1 1.96%
Jasmine Kennedie 66/1 1.49%

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