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How to be Sensible and Gamble Responsibly (Examples)

Published: Oct 31, 5:32pm Last Updated: Nov 25, 2:42pm Systems & Strategies 6958 Views

Responsible Gambling can be entertaining if managed well. Most people enter into the world of gambling by having early home experiences of events like the Grand National or the Derby. Perhaps a visit to a racecourse resulted in an enjoyable and exciting experience that incites interest in finding out more about just what gambling actually involves.   The process of developing an interest in gambling is usually taken slowly and most novice punters keep stakes very low until they feel... [ Read More ]

Become an Expert in Value Betting and Improve Your Profit Prospects

Published: Oct 31, 5:32pm Last Updated: Jul 22, 9:41am Systems & Strategies 21430 Views

Are you ready to change your betting habits for the better? - The very fact you have found this article, means you must be searching for help with understanding what a value bet is What is value betting? - The value comes in being able to bet on an event that is more likely to happen that the betting odds suggest. Using only accurate value betting selections will assist you in making a long term profit when betting against bookmakers.... [ Read More ]

Stats And Trends

Published: Oct 31, 5:32pm Last Updated: Jul 22, 9:38am Systems & Strategies 16506 Views

Some stats and trends are almost imperative to study before betting on certain events but others have only become more popular in recent years. Many punters want to take a different look at an event to find the best bets but can studying too hard lead you astray? Stats Whenever you look at form you are looking at stats. Number of recent wins and where they took place are very important when deciding a bet and it is almost impossible... [ Read More ]

Keeping Betting Records

Published: Oct 31, 5:32pm Last Updated: Jul 22, 9:35am Systems & Strategies 9606 Views

Whether you are a serious punter or only someone who has a few bets a week for fun it is certainly worth keeping a record of all the bets you place and the returns you make. Advantages Of Keeping Records Sensible Betting One of the most important aspects about betting is to keep it sensible. That means only ever betting amounts you can afford to lose and not letting betting take over your life. It can be fun but it... [ Read More ]

Getting The Discipline Right

Published: Oct 31, 5:32pm Last Updated: Jul 22, 9:32am Systems & Strategies 4722 Views

Stick To What You Know It’s tempting to bet on anything and everything you are interested in, particularly if you can watch that event. However the sports and events you are most likely to win money on are those that you have the most knowledge on so it is almost impossible to make money on sports or events you don’t know very well. This is because the only way to beat the bookies are to either know more than them... [ Read More ]


Published: Oct 31, 5:32pm Last Updated: Jul 22, 9:25am Systems & Strategies 6060 Views

What is Arbing? An arb, or an arbitrage, is taking advantage of a difference in odds between bookmakers to secure a profit whatever the result of a given event. Stakes often have to be very high to make worthwhile returns from arbing as the standard return on investment from one event will often be around the 2% mark although on certain events it is often possible to gain around a 5% profit. Odds comparison tools, such as ValueChecker, have made... [ Read More ]

Betting Systems

Published: Oct 31, 5:32pm Last Updated: Jul 21, 2:50pm Systems & Strategies 60860 Views

Betting Systems have been around for as long as betting has, the trick is finding one that works, and one that continues to work. What is a betting system? - A betting system is a set of rules that define a systematic process to finding a betting selection, This differs from betting strategy or a staking system for betting. Betting systems have been popular with gamblers for as long as betting has been in existence. This article will focus on... [ Read More ]


Published: Oct 31, 5:32pm Last Updated: Jul 21, 10:23am Systems & Strategies 18900 Views

Dutching is the process of backing more than one selection in the same event to win the same amount whichever of those selections wins. It is not to be confused to arbing which involves backing all of the outcomes in an event to guarantee a profit, which is only possible using multiple bookmakers on a very select few events.   Dutching is ideal for events with many outcomes where you think you have narrowed the possibilities down to usually two... [ Read More ]

Staking Plans

Published: Oct 31, 5:32pm Last Updated: Jul 7, 9:00am Systems & Strategies 23455 Views

Betting Banks Many professional punters like to have a set betting bank (size varies depending on wealth) from which they place all their bets. This allows them to easily keep track of profit and loss because all winnings and losses are coming from the same bank. It also allows them to stake set proportions of their bank on bets which reflect their confidence in the selection's chances. Profit from the bank is periodically withdrawn or withdrawn when it reaches a... [ Read More ]

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